Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lazy weeks and dark nights.

Well, the weather this half term hasn't been that great, but wouldn't expect anything less to be honest! 

I still have indulged in various things, such as:

Peanut butter and blueberry jam on toast

More peanut butter - YUM! 

Healthy lunches that can be savored rather than eaten in a rush whilst trying to do something else at the same time! 

Decadent breakfast that can be eaten as slowly as you like - cinnamon porridge with warmed berries and - you guessed it! - peanut butter

I make this using value oats and these berries:

which are about £1.29 I think? So it's a very frugal breakfast, but tastes amazing. Try it! 

I also popped to our local farm shop and got some tasty wholemeal bread:

which was very nice dunked into some soup. I also got:

a massive jar of peanut butter with no added sugar - trying to watch our processed food intake at the moment and within that added sugar, so this was a good find! 

And finally, I have nearly finished this book:

which has been an enjoyable read - it's light hearted and funny and just what you want as a holiday read. 

Phew! It's been a good week.

N xxx


  1. I have also been enjoying a similar porridge. I use sunflower butter instead of peanut butter (daughter allergic) plus a handful of dried cranberries but my freezer is full of raspberries so maybe I use them instead. Love your food pics.

    Sue x

  2. Ooh I can't believe you've posted a comment on my blog! I love your blog - in fact you're the person who inspired me to start my own! *blushes* Raspberries in porridge is lovely - if you warm them slightly in the microwave first they make a bit of a sauce from their juice which is especially good x