Sunday, 12 May 2013

Meals for the week.

Another week has finished, so it's time to look to the week again. 

Our meals for this week are:
today - roast chicken and trimmings
Monday - chicken fajitas
Tuesday - lasagne
Wednesday - quiche and salad
Thursday - pizza (DH) slim fast (me)
Friday - breaded fish with chips and peas

Short and sweet today. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Our weekend in pictures.

We've been upto Scotland for the May day weekend. I think these pictures sum it up quite well. 

This was the view from our bedroom window. 

Lots of driving through country lanes. 

Met some lovely animals along the way. 

Walks through the woodland. 

It's been good. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Little things this week.

Little things that have happened over this past week:

We are trying to get the cats used to a carry case, as their annual booster vaccinations are due soon. Django likes to get stuff from outside to put in his. Hmm, I don't think he's grasped that he has to go in there yet...

Every time I have a cup of tea, this happens. Every time. At least this time I'd drunk about half the cup before he'd got his nose in. 

I've put this on our conservatory wall. Adding a little something to the wall, adding a little bit of personality in there. 

And finally, I appear to be obsessed with bananas this week. Not that that's a bad thing.

What little things have happened to you this week?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Monthly aims: May 2013

The month of May is here! We're going away for the long weekend this weekend, and I'm away again at the end of the month, which I'm looking forward to. This means that planning money carefully so that we can have the best time possible.

My aims for May are:
- lose 4lbs
- Overpay £550
- Get the Emergency Fund to 40%
- Have 18 NSDs

I'm going to try really hard with eating healthy this month. It's getting warmer, which means I can't continue to hide in big baggy jumpers. 

Slightly lower aim for the overpayment this month, which I'm hoping will balance out of the course of the year. 

Finally, the no spend days are self explanatory, but here's hoping I'll succeed this time!

Here's to May, I am looking forward to it. 

A month in review: April 2013

Wooosh. Another month over - goodbye April!

I have to say April was again mixed. I feel like we've taken our eye off the ball money-wise this month, starting with the weekend away and then downhill from there.

My aims for April were:
- lose 4lbs
- Overpay £600
- Get the Emergency Fund up to 25%
- Have 17 No Spend Days
- Have a date with DH

I'm really struggling with my weight at the moment - I appear to be an emotional/stress eater so I haven't been anywhere near weighing scales. I need to get a grip with this. 

We've OP'd £535.51 this month, which is short of the target but I'm not too worried. That's still a fantastic amount to pay off on top of our normal mortgage payment. 

The emergency fund now stands at 32.7% which is absolutely fantastic! I think I may focus more on this in the coming months, to try and get this finished by the end of 2013. 

Only managed 13 NSDs this month, which is a poor attempt really. Like I said, I've taken my eye off the ball.

Me and DH have been out for a meal, so I guess that counts as a date! :)