Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nigel Slater and his simple food.

I think I'm a bit in love with Nigel Slater. I love how he talks about food. I love watching him cook on his tv show. I love how enthusiastic he is about combinations of flavours. He's divine. 

On my amazon wish list, I've got a couple of his books, in the hopes that someone might buy me them. Considering how only my parents and my husband have the link, the likelihood of that is slim, but I'm still hoping.

Here's a few of his recipes that I have on my "to try" list:

1) Mushroom and taleggio toastie - watching him make this on tv with the cheese oozing out of the sandwich, made me want to make it there and then. Unfortunately, I didn't have any of the ingredients in! 
2) Compost Crumble - now I absolutely love crumble, and this looked pretty tasty. The addition of seeds and oats to the crumble topping made it look beautiful - I really want to make this soon. 
3) Lemon and Thyme Cake - my mother-in-law makes an amazing lemon drizzle cake, but this one with the addition of thyme sounds interesting and I think it would go great with a cuppa!
4) Flatbread - now I realise that flatbreads aren't supposed to be that tricky, but I'm going to follow his recipe and see!
5) Garlic Mushroom Pasties - garlic mushroom pasties? Enough said. 

He makes me feel enthusiastic about food and makes me think about how I need to be more adventurous about my food combinations. 

Although, to be fair, I bet he doesn't make porridge look as beautiful as this:

Do you like Nigel Slater? What recipes of his would you recommend? 

N xxx


  1. I share your enthusiasm over those recipes especially the compost crumble. Your bowl of porridge looks divine but I'm afraid I'm not too keen on the porridge bit!
    Love from Mum

    1. Ooh I've not met anybody who doesn't like porridge before! Going to make the compost crumble soon I think :) thanks for your comment, as always x