Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Preparation for the new year

As December fast approaches, I am beginning to think about next year. 

I need to think about plans for next year, what do I want to accomplish? What needs to happen so that I can achieve my goals? Am I going to try and push myself, or play safe for a while? 

I have some goals already in mind, and also a couple of things that may push me out of my comfort zone somewhat. I also have to spend a bit of time making sure that my work/life balance is in check. I also want to plan some things to do with my husband, whether here at home or going somewhere else. We have a couple of weekends away planned for next year already, but it would be nice if we could squeeze in another short break somewhere, we shall see!

I feel a list coming on.....

How do you prepare for the new year? What are your aims?


  1. I have been considering my new year goals as well :-)

  2. Yep I need to plan my goals for next year as well - I feel a blog post coming on! (Oh and you might know me as The Dragon by the way!)

  3. No plans for me yet - need to get Christmas over with. Or perhaps I'd better get planning. I tend to be a spur of the moment person now that I'm not working.
    Love from Mum

  4. Same here I am not planing for new year yet because I start it in next month and now I am going to purchase some greeting card.new year greetings cards

  5. I want it to be the NY so I can start afresh with my new budgets (which I've been tweaking for weeks!) and challenges! Must start work on my "2013 to do list"

    Have read through & couple of things ..... wow that porridge is stunning & far too good to eat! ...... How do you freeze broccolli? ...... I LOVE Nigel Slater and could literally sit and watch him cook all day! ..... Any change of the Mushroom Stronanoff recipe!

    1. That porridge is so good - try it! I buy frozen broccoli and I'll PM you the recipe :)