Saturday, 24 November 2012

Food for the week and a little treat.

It now seems to be coming the norm, but Saturday is our food shopping day. I spend a bit of time searching through the cupboards/fridge/freezer and then plan what we are eating for the week. Then off I pop to the shops!

Our menu for the week:
TonightChicken with mushrooms served with mash
Sunday - shepherds pie and gravy
MondayMushroom stroganoff served with rice
Tuesday - spaghetti with tomatoes, capers and anchovies
Wednesday - chilli and rice
Thursday - chicken fajitas
Friday - sweet and sour chicken (from freezer) with rice

Trying out a couple of new recipes this week, just so we don't end up eating the same things week in, week out. 

And, because it is Saturday, I treated myself to breakfast out this morning:

This was a very tasty eggs benedict. Yum! 

And also, I bought myself a new mug (definitely didn't need this, have loads in the cupboard!)

I thought it was pretty. Good size too. 

How was your Saturday? What meals are you having this week?

N xxx


  1. Chilli tomorrow for us ! Those eggs look great

  2. Your breakfast looks much better than mine - a day old doughnut! I'm impressed with your menu planning. I've tried (and sometimes even succeeded) but never for long. Maybe this week ... ?