Sunday, 24 February 2013

Meals for the week.

Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's post, I really do appreciate them and thank you for taking the time to make a response. Half the problem with spending and meal planning is that we don't have a lot in our freezer! However, I intend March to be a very frugal month, watch this space....

The weekend is almost over, and so work begins again tomorrow. Today has been a relaxing day, although I've marked about 200 books, and I intend to spend the rest of the evening doing nothing. 

Our meals for the week look like this:
today - toad-in-the-hole with mash and gravy
Monday - mushroom and chickpea burgers with salad
Tuesday - pizza (DH) slim fast (me)
Wednesday - chilli and rice
Thursday - pasta (DH) slim fast (me)
Friday - scampi, chips and peas

I was going to take a picture of the toad in the hole, but it didn't look great. It's the first time I've made it today, and I'm still getting used to our oven, but it was a bit browner than it was supposed to be...! Still, covered in gravy and a side of mash, it soon disappeared from our plates. I'm debating whether or not to make some flapkjacks in a bit, I think I might. 

So, instead of a foodie picture, here's a picture of two cats snoozing:

They really do snuggle into each other when they're sleeping - it's so cute. 

By the way, how gorgeous is that quilt? It was a wedding present, and I love it. Handmade and took months, and one of my favourite things. The cats appreciate it too! 


  1. The cats are adorable aren't they and so is your quilt. Absolutely beautiful.
    Love from Mum

  2. A useful habit to get in to (and I speak as someone who has not yet managed it!) is to double up recipes and freeze half for a day when you can't/don't want to be bothered cooking. It wouldn't work for your toad in the hole, or the scampi, but might for your burgers, and certainly would for your chilli. And as the dishes only need reheating it cuts down on energy costs.