Monday, 18 February 2013

A little homemade goodness.

Decorating has started in the lounge - the first coat of paint is on and the second will be done tomorrow. We went for a light grey in the end, and it's already looking fab - can't wait until it's all done! I keep thinking about the accessories I want and colours to fit in with the scheme, I just need to not get carried away...!

Tonight was a little bit of indulgence; I made me and DH homemade pizzas. He had bacon and mushrooms on his. I had spinach, mushrooms and capers on mine. It was very yummy, though it needs a bit of tweaking to be perfect - DH said he doesn't mind being the guinea pig in the meantime! 

Here is mine:

Still can't get the hang of getting it into a circle, but I can practice! Tasted good though. A nice homemade meal that was definitely cheaper than a takeaway pizza. Plus you can choose exactly what you want on it too. 

Homemade definitely is best. 

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