Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Motivation, or lack of.

I've started my new job this week, and although very busy, it's been okay so far, and I've received support from my colleagues. I think I'm going to like it there! (Don't want to jinx it....)

But, I'll be honest, I'm absolutely shattered. I'm not sleeping too well, probably due to having a million and one things to remember. 

And motivation? Yeah, don't have any of that. All I want to do is every day when I get home, is sit on the sofa, drink tea and never move. Meals this week have been very quick and easy, purely because I just can't be bothered. 

Is 8PM too early to go to bed for an adult?

[This was my breakfast this morning. Nutella/peanut butter - not everything is bad.]

N xxx


  1. Glad the job is going well. I'm on the sofa next to you Nic!

    Sft x

  2. Good luck with your new job, it is always tiring starting something new like a job. give yourself lots of love
    love jooles x

  3. Apart from a new job , your week sounds just like mine. 8pm is not too early it sounds great, we all went at 9pm the other night :-)