Sunday, 6 January 2013

Meals for the week and a sweet treat.

So, yesterday I spent some time looking through the cupboards, making a note of things that needed eating up and then set about writing a menu for the week, then a shopping list. 

Our meals this week look like:
today - out at the in-laws
Monday - chicken, waffles and beans
Tuesday - summer-in-winter chicken
Wednesday - pizza (DH) slim fast (me)
Thursday - filled pasta and sauce
Friday - garlic chicken with chips (DH) and salad (me)

Lots of chicken this week, but not complaining :) quite a lot of this is from our freezer, and every meal this week is something easy and relatively quick to eat. I'm probably going to be pretty tired this week, so easy and quick is what is required. 

Our breakfasts are going to be toast/cereal/porridge/breakfast biscuits, and then lunches are sandwiches, with fruit. 

Now, my DH is very slim and does a lot of walking each day for his job, so he always needs more calories than me. I have a browse online, and decided to make some rocky road for him to take as part of his lunches this week. The only thing I had to buy was some value chocolate, and off I went!

Mmm. I am going to try and stay away from this! If you keep the base of milk chocolate/dark chocolate/golden syrup/butter, you can add pretty much what you want. I added ginger biscuits/digestives/marshmallows/pistachios/almonds/raisins and DH assures me it's very very tasty. Also, I got to use my new tin! We got a set of three as a wedding present, but I've not used any yet, until now! 

Here's to the week ahead. 

N xxx


  1. I'm a real sucker for biscuit tins and yours look tempting.

  2. Good luck at school this week.

    Good idea to plan an easy menu for the evenings.

    Sft xx

  3. Gosh - rocky favourite.

    Happy New year to you too and warm wishes for 2013

    Nina x