Saturday, 2 March 2013

Good intentions.

When I went out this morning, I had every intention of buying a coat. I researched on the internet last night, and found one I liked the look of. I had £30 worth of vouchers for the store, and it looked like it would last a long time and worth the money. 

But, as I was driving into town, I was thinking, do I really need to buy a new coat now? Hopefully the cold weather is behind us - the sun is shining today and I didn't even need to wear a coat this morning. So, do I really need to buy one? 

I didn't, in the end. When I get into town, the shop didn't even have the coat in stock, so I couldn't try it on. I'm always wary of ordering online, as I like to try clothes on first. I did look at some alternatives, but I didn't particularly like them. So, no coat purchased. 

I then took my time over a cinnamon latte and bacon roll from Costa, which was a lovely Saturday morning treat. I read a newspaper whilst slurping my coffee. 

I then went for a browse, and ended up buying a scarf from Fat Face:

The material is so soft, and the colours are just lovely. To be honest, I could have bought a lot more from there, but restrained myself. This was enough! Not sure what the husband creature will say - I have quite a lot of scarves already... I'm a scarf person apparently. 

Right, I'm off to read my book in the conservatory, where two cats are snoozing in the sunshine. I love weekends. 

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