Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A new trend?

I've been trying to eat from our store cupboard lately, and to make meals out of things we already have in. This week I have used 2 onions, some couscous, many spices and other bits and bobs to make lovely meals with. 

Today, for me at least, was no exception.

I found a couple of days ago, in the fridge, a half eaten broccoli tree. Oh no! I must have forgotten about it during last week and it has sat and languished in the corner of my fruit and veg tray in the fridge. So, last night I had Moroccan style chicken stew with a side of broccoli and tonight I had this:

May I introduce to you broccoli bolognese? It's the healthier cousin of spaghetti bolognese, designed to use up the broccoli in the fridge, but also making the whole dish much more healthy. This is what I had for my tea tonight. My other half did himself a massive portion of spaghetti to have with his sauce, and was much amused when I sat down with half my plate filled with green trees. 

I said I thought I'd start a new trend.... 

He was rather sweet today though, and got me some beautiful flowers:

He's not all bad.... ;)

N xxx

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  1. We had broccoli & beetroot in our curry tonight... We just use whatever we have in our veg box!

    Kay :)