Monday, 28 May 2012


Whilst writing our food shopping list for the week, I noticed that there were two sorry looking bananas languishing in the fruit bowl. Oh no! So, I googled banana loaf, as I've never made it before, and set to work making something tasty from these:

These probably could have been eaten - but they were "past it" for both me and DH! 

All I needed to buy for this was some more butter and some eggs - both of which will be used in a variety of things, so no bother there. I quickly whipped up the batter:

and popped it in a loaf tin and then in the oven and then:

Tada! Banana loaf :) this is just cooling down on the side - DH really wants some but I've told him to wait for it to cool down a bit first, so that it's easier to cut into slices. 

Frugal living, using leftovers so that it's not thrown away. 

N xx