Monday, 11 July 2011

small comforts.

One of my favourite meals in the world is chicken fajitas. They are pretty simple to make, fairly cheap and really yummy.  In fact, I would eat this every week, if I could get the idea approved by my OH :) 

Here are my two fajitas on the plate, waiting for salad to be added. Inside these are just chicken, some onion, orange pepper and spinach, along with the seasoning - yum! 

Also this evening I have baked a tea loaf from ingredients in the store cupboard; this will be used for snacks/puddings for OH. I'm hoping not to eat any, as I'm trying to lose weight. I'm not promising anything though! 

Day one of this week has gone well - I haven't spent anything today.

N xxx


  1. Great work Nic!

    I think I'll be getting inspiration from you on the meal planning front.

    Sft x

  2. The tea loaf looks lovely, the odd slice won't do any harm.