Wednesday, 13 July 2011

healthy steps and a freebie!

So, yesterday I had chicken soup for tea, which wasn't particularly exciting, so didn't take a pic of that. Today was slightly better, as all these ingredients went into our evening meal:

We had veg stir fry, which was served with some rice [not shown]. I was going to take a pic of the end result, but then forgot as was busy eating! =D

We were also lucky, as we got given some free veg yesterday in the form of a small courgette and some broad beans (in their pods):

The courgette was a nice addition to the stir fry, and I shall have the broad beans as a snack tomorrow, as OH doesn't like them! These were from a friend's garden, and were very much appreciated :) 

And, a walk on a lovely evening is good for blowing away the cobwebs :) 

N xxx


  1. Your meal sounds delicious and well done for blowing away those cobwebs on your evening walk.

    Sft x

  2. Love the sky in that photo - hope you enjoyed your walk!

    Kay :)