Thursday, 15 March 2012

Simple Suppers.

What I love most at the moment is finding quick things to have for tea when we get in from work, that are easy to make but still taste great.

Enter chicken fajitas. 

Have I mentioned my love for chicken fajitas? I. Love. Them. If I could, I'd have them every week, without fail. I think I may have mentioned this before. I love how easy they are to cook, how quickly a meal comes together and how simple ingredients turn into something amazing.

You start with these:

Sliced chicken breast, two small peppers and an onion. 

Healthy stuff

With a tablespoon of oil, fry everything in a pan, making sure everything is fully cooked through.

Add the fajita mix spices (I also add some spinach here too, try it in a fajita, it's a lovely addition!), then plonk some in a fresh wrap and then you get:

One GIANT fajita! My OH bought massive wraps so it equals one massive fajita. Nom nom nom....!

N xxx

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