Monday, 12 December 2011

Winter nights.

I haven't posted in ages; I never feel like I have anything to say. However, I only have 2 days left in employment so I will need to re-address everything in our current lifestyle, whilst I am searching for another job.

In other news, these are things I have eaten/made lately:

You cannot beat berries in vanilla yogurt. The simple things in life, and all that.

My first attempt at soda bread:

Pretty pleased with that result - we're having it with a sausage, chorizo and bean casserole for tea so I'm hoping it goes down well! 

And lastly, something to pop in OH's lunch box:

These are Hugh FW's energy booster bars

which include lots of seeds and dried fruit.

Keeping on plodding, at any rate!

N xx


  1. Oooo lovely food! I love yogurt and berries. Your Soda bread looks amazing and the seedy bars look delish and much more satisfying than bought stuff. Well done.

  2. Beautiful photos again Nic!

    Did the soda bread taste as good as it looked?

    Check out our blog here, as we are passing on a award to you!

    Keep up the photography!

    Kay :)

  3. Beautiful food. Those raspberries look great!

    Good luck with the job!

    Sft x