Thursday, 23 June 2011


Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to indulge in something shop bought. This is a shop bought pizza, bought at half price ( I think) that has been in our freezer for ages. After the day I've had, I could not think of anything better to have for tea than a whole (yes, a whole) pizza.

A totally unhealthy tea - not doing anything for my wedding diet - but actually very yummy. The last time I had pizza was when I made HM ones for the first time - so it's definitely something I don't have very often.

I'm going to do a food inventory tonight to see what meals I can make next week out of stuff we already have in the house - my life is so exciting! 

N xx


  1. Hi, I got to your blog whilst blog hopping and stayed and read it all. Your HM pizza looks just as good if not better than the shop bought. I love making up meals with whatever is to hand and we always use up our leftovers either as a base for the next meal or as a smaller snack or supper. It all adds to interesting meal times.
    Love from Mum

  2. It's sometimes nice to just grab something easy to eat & if it tastes good then even better!

    Good luck with your food inventory!

    Kay :)