Monday, 11 April 2011

shopping spree.

So, I met up with a friend on Saturday and went shopping :) I also popped to Sainsburys today for a DVD, so here's what I have bought:

This shows what I have got today - HARRY POTTER! :D and the Sainsburys magazine. Plus an owl necklace that I bought off Ebay arrived in the post :) 

The necklace - it was originally in Topshop for £12 - I got it off Ebay for £2.49 :) 

I am the biggest fan of Harry Potter - I got the special edition DVD from Sainsburys for £8.99 :) 

On Saturday I also bought The Girl Who Played With Fire - loved the books and enjoyed the first film so this is the second film out of three :) 

Oversized cardi from Topshop Petite :) Love this - I've been wanted to get it for ages!

And finally, a dress from Republic :) This will be used in the summer mainly and for a holiday dress :)

So, better not spend anything else this month! Ooops! 

N xx


  1. The owl necklace is really pretty and unusual. Are owls special to you in some way?

    I love the dress, just perfect for summer.

    Sft x

  2. I loved The Millennium Trilogy too! Have seen the first film, so must see the second at some point...

    Kay :)

  3. I love the owl necklace and have three of them myself. There is just something about owl's. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Dev x